JMB Fishing Foundation

Mission : to take what we have been given and give it back, to make a
difference in the lives of others. We were born to make a difference, to
contribute and share our gifts with the world. In 2019, JMB has worked with, and impacted over 200 children and their families. 

This year, we expect this number to more than triple . We work to provide meaningful memories by pairing children with terminal illnesses and children with special needs, with veterans, wounded warriors, fishermen, hunters and outdoorsmen in great adventures. 

Our goal is to provide new opportunities and smiles that will last a lifetime.
We’ve had a very busy 2020 and it looks like 2021 will even be bigger and busier. We get to be a part of many more special events for special people. In June of 2018, Jimmy Bennett was hosting a family fishing trip with a 6-year-old girl that had recently been diagnosed with D.I.P.G. (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma). On the trip, she looked up at him and said, “This is the best day ever! Can you help me to not die?”. It was in that instant that he knew the direction he had to go. 

It was then that JMB Fishing Foundation’s journey began. Did you know that only 4% of cancer research funds are allocated to children’s cancer? JMB is dedicated to raising awareness of childhood cancer and hosting fundraising events for those cancer patient’s families. We are also fully engaged in supporting our youth who go through daily battles due to physical and mental disabilities. 

Our entire lives, we all have been told about those with special needs but how many of us know the truth? In one event with this population, a person can learn more life truths than they knew to look for. Those with daily battles and hardships have the ability to love completely, humbly give, to see and not judge, and to never allow outward appearance affect their opinions. The more we see this, the more we realize that the people with disabilities are not the ones that are disabled. It is us who are truly disabled from seeing the world through innocent eyes. We need to be taking lessons from these special kids! Lessons on how to smile, how to be happy and how to love one another unconditionally. This entire time we thought we were volunteering to help these special kids, but the truth is, they are truly giving back by showing us how the world can be a better place. Our partnerships go towards helping families with medical expenses, taking children on unforgettable hunting and fishing trips, allowing families to make memories that outlast their lives, and helping put on all inclusive events. These are only a few ways JMB will help impact the lives of others. Won’t you consider partnering with us?
We think you’ll be glad you did. 

Prayers are powerful, folks! Keep sending them up.

JMB Fishing Foundation
The mission of JMB Fishing Foundation is to take what we have been given and give it back to make a difference in the lives of others. We were born to make a difference, to contribute and share our gifts with the world. 

JMB Fishing Foundation is an officially recognized 501 C 3, non profit organization. EIN # 84-2761848

Thanks again, Jimmy Bennett
Executive Director
JMB Fishing Foundation
431 Lakeland Park Circle Mart, TX 76691